Electrification is driving convergence across Transport and Energy sectors and the impact is already affecting a wide range of industries including automotive, oil, electricity, transport, retail, insurance, infrastructure and many others. Along this journey the choice of technology, partners and new business models offers the opportunity for organisations to take the lead or fall behind.

Aimava established the Transport and Energy Future Programme to collaborate with leading corporates and innovative start ups globally precisely for this purpose.,

Collaboration is vital to understand the new mix of tech, start-ups, partners and new business models, what we term Innovative New Value Chains®, to accelerate the transition at a lower cost and with lower risk of expensive investment of assets that could be stranded as transition in the industry occurs.

Aimava have led a series of roundtable discussions, workshops, research and market visits to countries like Norway and China.

Aimava is developing and delivering new business model solutions for a range of areas including fleet electrification, supply of vehicles, Intellectual Property, charging services and other areas to support the transition. 

Additional resources on our work and research can be found below: